Spirit Tigers, also known as Tigris Spiritus, are massive tiger kaiju that first appeared in the MonsterVerse comic, Kingdom Kong.


Spirit Tigers are named for their tiger-like appearances and their elusive, almost mystical nature. While initially being classified as "Holy Tigers" or Icarus Tigris, by the time of Kingdom Kong, they have been reclassified as Spirit Tigers, or Tigris Spiritus.



Spirit Tigers resemble giant white tigers with reddish-black stripes running throughout the creature's body. The eyes are foggy and white, and most notably, they adorn an impressive pair of stag-like antlers atop their heads. Like tigers, all four feet are armed with razor-sharp claws.


According to Monarch Files 2.0, the roar of the Spirit Tiger is similar to that of a regular tiger.


Spirit Tigers are elusive and almost mystical creatures. They are predatory in nature, mostly hunting creatures smaller than themselves. They are fearless and ferocious in combat, battling until the bitter end as shown when a Spirit Tiger was snatched and killed by Kong. Spirit Tigers are described as "the most elegant, ethereal, and mysterious" creatures on Skull Island. Little is known about their ecological behavior.


One of the most elegant, ethereal and mysterious creatures we have encountered upon the island, the Spirit Tiger was thought by many in our party to be a hallucination on first sighting. At one with the forest, the serrated stripes running the length of its body are composed of epidermal leaves that shimmer in the soft breezes of the higher peaks. When drawing closer to observe the Spirit Tiger, our entire party experienced a number of unusual physical phenomena, including dizziness, euphoria, and the ability to hear the creature's heart, audibly beating at the center of our heads. Iwi markings show a deep reverence for the Spirit Tiger, giving it a name that roughly translates as "Majesty of the Winds".
The creature's predation and breeding patterns remain an elusive mystery.

— Monarch Creature Profile


Kong: Skull Island - The Official Movie Novelization

In the novelization of the film, James Conrad observes the tracks of an animal while trekking through the jungle. Due to its characteristics, the tracks were possibly left by a feline, which he estimates to be at least one-and-a-half meters long. However, the creature itself is never seen by the group in Skull Island.

Kingdom Kong

As a team of Monarch soldiers patrols Skull Island, they encounter a gigantic Spirit Tiger. The creature lunges after them, crushing and eating several soldiers in the process. Before it can finish off the survivors, Kong grabs the feline by the nape of its neck and lifts it. The Spirit Tiger struggles furiously, biting and clawing at Kong's hand before the ape yanks the tiger's head, breaking its neck and killing it.



The stripes on the Spirit Tigers' body allow them to blend in with forested environment of Skull Island.

Euphoria/nausea inducement

For reasons that have yet to be fully understood, anything in the vicinity of Spirit Tigers experience unusual physical phenomenona such as dizziness and euphoria.

Strength and combat

Spirit Tigers can use their teeth and claws as formidable weapons.



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