Spylar (スパイラー,   Supairā?) is a kaiju created by Toho that appeared in the 1973 Zone Fighter episode, Invasion! Garoga's Grand Army: Godzilla Appears.


Spylar resembles a heavily altered theropod dinosaur. He has long, bulky legs which are covered in bulbous scales and bumps, and he also has orange-brown circles on the front of his torso. His head and neck are bright orange, and he has luminescent blue eyes with what appear to be bolts underneath them. His back is covered in tuberous spines, and he has two antenna and a bent spike emerging from his forehead. Spylar has large claws for hands, and two-toed feet.


Spylar transformed from one of the Garogas during Zone Fighter's fight with Wagilar. The two monsters were able to outmatch Zone Fighter until Godzilla arrives to his aid, and the two were able to defeat Wagilar and Spylar.


  • Spylar mostly relies on brute strength to batter down his opponents.
  • Aside from that, he can emit flashes, from the knobs on his chest, to blind enemies.



  • Spylar bears a slight resemblance to the Ultraman Ace Choju, Vakishim, while the spikes on his back also gives him a similarity to another Choju from the same series, Velokron.
  • Spylar is the second kaiju to survive the Meteor Missile Might attack but the first to be killed by the Meteor Proton Beam.


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