Super-Nuked Godzilla was an unused concept, created and designed by Kaoru Kamikiku, for a sequel that never came to be, Godzilla vs. Super-Nuked Godzilla.

Super-Nuked Godzilla was supposed to be used in place of Destoroyah in Godzilla vs. Destoroyah. However the movie and kaiju have been quickly rejected by Toho and the director Takao Okawara.



Not much is known about Super-Nuked Godzilla‘s appearance, however, it is known that he was to be so mutated Godzilla-like appearance, and was barely recognizable.


Super-Nuked Godzilla was supposed to be a Godzillasaurus that became extremely mutated from multiple nuclear tests. In the year 1995, Godzilla and Super-Nuked Godzilla were to meet up and fight, with the city of Vladivostok being the main battleground for the two's conflict.


  • Super-Nuked Godzilla was one of the four kaiju designs submitted by designer Kaoru Kamikiku.
  • It was a side project with the main project being Godzilla vs. Barubaroi.

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