Swamp Locusts, also known as Stagnum Acrididae, are insect kaiju that first appeared in the MonsterVerse comic, Skull Island: The Birth of Kong.


The name 'Swamp' refers to the creature's natural habitat and 'Locust' is an insect.



Swamp Locusts resemble large water nymphs with lamprey-like mouth and tigerfish-like teeth.


The roar of the Swamp Locust is written as "kik".


Swamp Locusts are ambush predators that lie upside down in the water and extend their wood-like claws to the surface before using them to grasp on unsuspecting prey.


The Swamp Locust blends so perfectly into its natural environment, it is hard to estimate how populous the creatures are. Lying beneath the surface of the swamplands to the east of the island, these submergent insectoids extend their woody limbs above the surface, making them indistinguishable from the abundant wetland foliage surrounding it.
If every woody branch that rises of up from the depths is connected to one of these creatures, there could be thousands of them, waiting to ensnare unsuspecting boats with their herbaceous claws.
Initial submersible scans are hard to read, but what we can discern through the murk is a creature that is all throat and teeth. While its lamprey-like mouth houses a perfect circle of phosphate incisors (reminiscent of the Congo's goliath tigerfish), the most remarkable feature is its gastrointestinal tract, which is a single continuous chamber that runs right through the core of the creature. In essence, the Swamp Locust is a primordial creature that evolution has refined into the most primal predator possible: a sentient throat with claws.

— Monarch Creature Profile


Skull Island: The Birth of Kong

When Aaron Brooks and his team try to find shelter for the night, they unexpectedly startle a Swamp Locust. Evelyn Matemavi tries to shoot it but the bullets have little to no effect on the creature.


Aquatic nature

Swamp Locusts can stay underwater for a very long time.


With their wood-like legs, the Swamp Locusts can blend in seamlessly with their environment by sticking their legs out while the rest of their bodies remain submerged beneath the surface to ambush their prey.



  • The Swamp Locusts bear some resemblance to the Carnictis from the 2005 Kong movie, as well as the Graboids from Tremors.

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