Telepathy is a psychic skill employed by several human characters and kaiju in the Godzilla series. Telepathy involves one individual speaking or communicating with another individual through only the use of their mind.

Known Users

  • Godzilla - Besides physical communication, Godzilla is shown to have the ability to use telepathy in the Heisei era. His superior intelligence and mental strength also prevent other telepaths from being able to influence him for very long.
  • Miki Saegusa - Miki, born psychic, uses this technique to communicate with Godzilla and his son, with varying success.
  • Biollante - Biollante is able to produce telepathic signals that Godzilla and Miki Saegusa can detect.
  • Godzilla Junior - Godzilla Junior is able to use telepathy to communicate with Godzilla and Rodan and draw them to his location.
  • Rodan - Rodan is able to communicate telepathically with Baby Godzilla.
  • Mothra - Mothra communicates with her Shobijin using telepathy. The Shobijin are also able to use telepathy to read the thoughts of humans and kaiju.
  • Orga - Orga seems to have telepathic control of the Millennian UFO when he is battling Godzilla while outside of the ship.
  • Bullpull - While not being able to communicate with others, Bullpull can cause telepathy induced pain to his opponents.
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