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Add the tag {{USERNAME}} on a page. Registered users viewing the page will see their username, while unregistered users will see the "You". For example:

{{USERNAME}} is the best

Will appear as "You is the best" to someone not signed in to an account, and as "<your username> is the best" to someone who is. This means that the user reading it will always see a compliment directed toward them, no matter who they are.

With a parameter the "You" text can be changed to something else for unregisted users, for example:

I like {{USERNAME|you}}

Will appear as "I like you" to an unregistered user, as opposed to the "I like You" if the parameter was not included.

Since the function is a JavaScript function it cannot interact with parser functions. For example, {{#ifeq}} cannot be used to test whether the template's output matches the default output text. Instead {{ifregistered}} can be used, where the first parameter displays to logged-in users and the second to others.

It goes without saying that this template should be used responsibly. That means either extremely sparingly or not at all, and never to be used to display an insult to a viewing user.

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