The Terror of Mechagodzilla soundtrack was released in 1993, with music by Akira Ifukube.


  1. Main Title
  2. 'Akatsuki One' in Distress
  3. Mugar Heads to Earth
  4. Dr. Mafune's Past
  5. The Female in the Mafune Family
  6. Off to Mount Amagi
  7. Mechagodzilla II
  8. Ichinose and Katsura
  9. Katsura's Memories
  10. Escape from Titanosaurus
  11. Ichinose Gets Tailed
  12. Titanosaurus Swings into Action
  13. Titanosaurus Attacks
  14. The Appearance of Godzilla
  15. Cyborg Surgery
  16. The Mafune Family Tragedy
  17. Mechagodzilla II Goes on the Offensive
  18. Mechagodzilla Counterattacks
  19. Godzilla vs. The Mega Monster Tag-Team
  20. Godzilla in Danger
  21. Resurrection of Godzilla
  22. Sharpshooting
  23. Katsura's Death
  24. Ending

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