Teruyoshi Nakano (中野昭慶,   Nakano Teruyoshi?) is a Japanese special effects director who has worked on several Toho-produced tokusatsu films, including many entries in the Godzilla series.


Nakano worked under his mentor Eiji Tsuburaya for much of the Showa series, before taking the reigns as head director of special effects for the Godzilla series following Tsuburaya's passing. Following the end of the Showa series, Nakano continued serving as director of special effects for other Toho films in the 1970's and 80's, such as The War in Space. Nakano's last work on a Godzilla film was as director of special effects for the 1984 revival of the series, The Return of Godzilla, in which Nakano created an expansive miniature cityscape and a giant "Cybot Godzilla" with the larger budget he was given. It was in this film that Nakano worked with and mentored Shinji Higuchi, who would go on to become a well-known special effects director in kaiju films such as the Heisei Gamera trilogy, and eventually a full-fledged director for films such as Attack on Titan and the upcoming 2016 Godzilla film.

Since his retirement, Nakano has continued to be a prominent and active figure in the Godzilla franchise, performing interviews about his work on the series and making public appearances at events like G-Fest.



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