The Art of Shin Godzilla is a hardcover art book that chronicles the artwork behind Shin Godzilla. The book was released in December, 2016, just a few months after the North American release of Shin Godzilla.

Content review

As an object, the book comes in a matte black slipcase with the Japanese lettering for "Gojira" written on the side. Said slipcase contains both the art book itself, and the screenplay for Shin Godzilla. The book itself has a cover sleeve with a large render of Shin Godzilla spanning the length of the cover, which in design, is minimalist overall.

The Art of Shin Godzilla delves into the creation of certain aspects of the movie, such as Godzilla's design and different forms throughout the movie.

The book also goes into showing wire-meshes of CGI elements within the film, such as Godzilla during his first raid on the Japanese nation, alongside his actions during the atomic breath segment of the film. Some base renders and maquettes of the 2016 Godzilla design are also present, ranging from the second form, all the way to the fifth.

It's in this book that the humanoid designs seen crawling out of Godzilla's tail in the end of the film are confirmed as his fifth evolution. Alongside this, many renders, statues, concept pieces and other images are seen of these creatures both on and off the tail.

The book also gave a much closer look at the design of Godzilla's tail, and revealed a chilling discovery: a large set of human-like jaws that reside within Godzilla's tail, stuck in an eternal grin.

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