The Ballad of Gens Du Marais is the second produced unaired episode of Godzilla: The Series.


The episode opens with two oil hunters being attacked by an alligator, which is then attacked by the Swamp Beast. Meanwhile, Audrey Timmonds and Victor "Animal" Palotti are reporting on a Louisiana native businessman, when they hear that two people were attacked by the swamp. they then decide to call H.E.A.T., who is cleaning up after a battle with a mutation. Niko Tatopoulos receives a cryptic warning from a sailor, and they head into the swamp to see what they can find. While in the swamp, they find a catfish plantation, and area attacked by the Swamp Beast. Godzilla arrives to save them, and the Swamp Beast disappears into the air. They then spot the cryptic fisherman, who is named George of the Gens du Marais, who reveals that the Swamp Beast is the Spirit of the swamp (Even though H.E.A.T. knows it to be a mutation created by groundwater pollution), and that he can influence its actions, but not control it completely. George then reveals that a man named Dimanche is trying to take the swamp away from the Gens du Marais (People of the Swamp). While taping with Dimanche on a riverboat, Audrey and Animal are attacked by the Swamp Beast. H.E.A.T. calls in Godzilla to fight it, and gets the overboard party-goers out of the water. Dimanche then kidnaps Audrey in his private helicopter. George calls off the Swamp Beast in a similar fashion to Nick with Godzilla, and decides to stop hurting people to protect the swamp. The Beast follows Dimanche and Audrey to Dimanche's mansion, where George and Nick must stop them from fighting after rescuing Audrey and Dimance from their fallen helicopter. Dimanche is then arrested, and the Swamp Beast returns to the swamp.


"We all believe what we want to believe." „ 

— George criticizes Nick's insistence that the Swamp Beast is not a supernatural creature

"At least you don't have to compete for attention with a 300-foot lizard." „ 

— Audrey complains that Nick spends more time at work than with her


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