Undersea adventure awaits! The Devonian threat has been identified, and monsters across the globe converge in the depths of the ocean! As the humans test new weapons and methods, Godzilla will be forced to face some of his most fearsome foes! „ 

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The Devils and the Deep is the eleventh issue of IDW Publishing's Godzilla comic series, Godzilla: Rulers of Earth; it was released on April 23, 2014.


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CKR has set off a series of underground explosions in an attempt to bring the monster Baragon to the surface. Baragon does surface in Paris, France, but destroys the Arc de Triumph in the process. The newly-rebuilt and upgraded Kiryu arrives to subdue Baragon, but is blasted by the monster's fire breath. Baragon attacks Kiryu fiercely and quickly, and Kiryu flies up into the air then bombards him with rockets. Kiryu then lands and punches the stunned Baragon in the face. With Baragon beaten into submission, Kiryu grabs him and wraps him in cables before flying off to bring him to the Monster Islands. Allison, Steven Woods, and Lucy decide to place Baragon near Sanda and Gaira. Allison then informs Woods and CKR that the Monster Kill Crew developed special underwater sonar versions of the "headache gun" and that several submarines have been equipped with them. A submarine near the Monster Islands locates Godzilla, who is floating underwater as if waiting for something.

In the Devonian capital city, the Devonian king is informed that the humans have amassed a large fleet near the capital. The king sees this as an excellent opportunity to destroy the humans' fleet in one attack and then strike their defenseless coastlines. He then speaks to his soldiers and informs them that the time has come for them to make their move and begin their campaign to destroy humanity and Godzilla once and for all.

At the CKR facility in San Diego, Allison is brought in to speak to the Devonian refugee that gave himself up to human authorities. The refugee tells Allison that his kind have lived peacefully under Earth's oceans for millions of years, but when the current king came to power he turned their civilization into an oppressive dictatorship and killed anyone who opposed him. He came to despise humanity as they continually dumped nuclear waste and other debris on the ocean floor. After a Cryog ship crashed into the ocean, the Devonian king was angered that their technology was more advanced than his own kind's. He killed the crew of the ship and salvaged their technology. Using this new advanced technology, he took control of several monsters that lived underwater and formulated a plan to wipe out humankind by detonating the Cryog ship on the surface. The Devonian refugee tells Allison that the Devonian capital must be destroyed in order to save humanity.

Suddenly, Godzilla finds himself under attack by Manda, Gezora, Destoroyah, and Titanosaurus. Godzilla is outnumbered and viciously sliced by Destoroyah's horn while the other monsters hold him still. Godzilla uses his atomic breath to free himself and prepares to fight back. CKR picks up the location of the monsters fighting near their fleet and uses the new sonar guns to try and scare the monsters off. Manda and Gezora swim off, but Godzilla grabs onto Titanosaurus' ankle and follows him. Destoroyah splits apart into several juvenile forms and comes on board one of the ships, where Woods, Chavez, Lucy, and Kiryu all are.






  • Paris, France
  • Monster Islands
  • San Diego, California
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Devonian Capital





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