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The Fall of Nemesis: Clash of the Kaijujin (or "The Fall of Nemesis") is a kaiju fighting game created by Sunstone Games. It is the second game in the Colossal Kaiju Combat franchise, as well as the first commercial release.


"The Kaijujin have a new champion - Nemesis - and they have organized a tournament to see how well she fares against a collection of Earth's mightiest kaiju! (Plus a few uninvited guests…) competition will be fierce both on and off the field - and ultimately Nemesis will fall!"


  • Nemesis
  • Ikameijin
  • Tornaq
  • Macrosaurus
  • Katyusha
  • Tursacra
  • Duncan
  • Moratitan
  • Dragonlotus
  • Heart Eater
  • Lycanoid



  • Even though technically The Fall of Nemesis: Clash of the Kaijujin is the second Colossal Kaiju Combat game (the first being Kaijuland Battles), it is officially labeled as "KCO1" by Sunstone Games.
  • Originally, there was a reward in the Colossal Kaiju Combat OUYA Kickstarter in which the person who pledged $10,000 would have their original monster be the 12th monster in The Fall of Nemesis: Clash of the Kaijujin. Unfortunately, since the kickstarter failed, the 12th monster was scrapped.

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