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The Mystery of the Polaris Document
The Valkyrie's Trap

The Mystery of the Polaris Document (北辰文書のなぞ,   Hokushin Bunsho no Nazo?) is the nineteenth episode of Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd.


The episode opens with Zodiac examining the Shinjukiyo that Rudra obtained in the previous episode. He fits it into place on the Gaia-Net and it begins to glow. Zodiac and his lead scientist begin to talk, the show cuts away, and Kuzan is seen infiltrating a building with a group of Fangs. Meanwhile, Takeo Shiroishi and the Kujou siblings do research in an office while Gou Kazama ponders the meaning of his master Jimyo's dying words, and vows to vanquish Crown. Crown's inside man at a business begins to speak with a colleague. she is surprised by what the inside man says and he calls in a large golden Gaia-Soldier to keep her quiet. Meanwhile, the protagonists are visiting a museum and are in the Egyptology section where they are approached by the inside man. He can't help them find what they're looking for, so the group leaves but not before Gou catches a glimpse of the gold Metalferd through a window. The trapped woman, named Etsuko Muragoshi, in the museum is deciphering codes in historical documents that presumably have to do with Gaia-Net, all under the supervision of the inside man. The protagonists sneak back into the museum, inside, Gou discovers a room full of bound and gagged Museum workers that he sets free while the inside man and Etsuko make a breakthrough in the code. The inside man knocks her out just as Gou enters the room. The inside man fears Gou and flees while he helps the Etsuko. Gou then gives chase, but is quickly apprehended by a group of Fangs that the Kujous could not defeat. The team defeats them and Gou heads to the roof where he is met with the Gaia-Soldier Scarabeth. Guyferd and the Scarabeth fight, and soon Gou transforms into Guyferd. The fighting intensifies and at one point Guyferd is thrown off the roof. Guyferd overcomes the enemy and Back at the protagonists' apartment the Etsuko has awoken and revealed that she remembers the information regarding Gaia-Net clearly.


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