The Official GODZILLA Movie Fact Book is an informational book about the 1998 TriStar GODZILLA film.


The book was published on June 1st, 1998, and was compiled by Kimberly Weinberger and Dawn Margolis.


The Official GODZILLA Movie Fact Book contains the following:

  • An introduction to the 1998 GODZILLA film.
  • "From Top To Talon: Godzilla's Vital Stats": Stats on Godzilla.
  • "Who's On The Menu? Your Guide To The Cast": Profiles on the film's main characters.
  • "This Is Jeopardy!": A Jeopardy-like game with questions about the film.
  • "Go Figure: A By-the-Numbers Survey": Stats relating to the film, such as the total number of Baby Godzilla eggs laid in Madison Square Garden, and the year the nuclear explosion that created Godzilla took place.
  • "Dear Diary": Fill-in-the-blank dialogues from 3 of the main characters.
  • "Weaponry: How To Bring Down A Mutant Lizard": Information on some of the military vehicles in the film.
  • "Trivial Questions": Trivia about the film in the form of multiple choice questions.
  • "Who Said That? Quotable Quotes": Quotes from the film.
  • "Amusing Points To Ponder When There's Nothing Better To Do": Common sayings changed to be Godzilla-themed.
  • "Test Your Godzilla I.Q.": Multiple choice questions about the film.
  • "Obituary: A Sad Ending for a Misunderstood Reptile": An obituary for Godzilla.
  • "Glossary": A glossary.
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