The soundtrack of The War in Space was composed by Toshiaki Tsushima.


  1. Toho Logo
  2. Title Back
  3. Muroi and Jun's Engagement Announcement
  4. False Dr. Schmidt Chase
  5. National Defense Countermeasure HQ - Hell Fighters
  6. Gohten Base
  7. Gohten Base Attacked - Gohten Launch Command
  8. Gohten Launch
  9. Myoshi and Muroi
  10. Venus Orbit
  11. Discovery of the Daimakan - Land Rover Crisis
  12. Space Fighter Sortie
  13. Myoshi is Captured
  14. Gohten vs. Daimakan
  15. Daimakan's Counter Attack - Gohten Shot Down
  16. With the Ether Bomb
  17. Pyrrhic Victory
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