• Heyo, I've seen your edits over the past half a year or so, and you're a really good editor. You write well, adhere to proper page guidelines, and you've contributed a lot to this place. To the point where I haven't had to warn you, or anything. First, I must honestly thank you for all the help. It's really appreciated!

    Second, as per the title, I'm here to approach you about a staff position, provided you wanted one. While I'm not asking you to undertake any responsibilities you don't want, the offer is there, and I think you'd be good for the role. More specifically with the rollback-admin line of duty.

    Regards, Raven Message Wall!

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    • Thanks. What does a rollback adminstrator do exactly?

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    • I should've been specific, I meant "rollback to administrator", as in, positions from rollback to admin are open to you. Not rollback administrator, lol. My bad.

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    • Ok then what are some of the responsibilities of some of those positions?

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    • Well, rollback grants you the ability to quickly rollback undesirable edits. Basically a soft power boost.

      Administrator privileges grant you the ability to rollback undesired edits, protect/lock pages depending on the circumstance, and the ability to ban/block users for whatever reason, permitted the reason's right, of course. Yunno, vandalism, etc.

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    • A FANDOM user
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