• You did the images as I was getting ready to upload them, lmao. Thanks for doing them, though. Appreciate it.

    QUICK THING, just be careful of making redundant images. Nothing with the final trailer's images are bad for that, but some TV spot ones are close to ones we already have.

    Again, thanks for the image uploads. As I noticed you did the TV spots following Beautiful. Helps a lot.

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    • No problem. I did have a few more final trailer images but deleted them since they were already from past TV spots like you said.

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    • Ahhh, gucci. To elaborate on that, the one time that should differ is if there's a difference in CGI work that is super noticeable. Which is useful to document later on. Don't think that's been the case, but it's useful for the future.

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    • Even I've noticed improved lighting, color, and CGI in the trailer and TV spot images.

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    • A FANDOM user
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