• As we all know by now, Godzilla and King Kong's long-awaited rematch is right around the corner, just nine months away (Or more if the film ends up being delayed due to KOTM's domestic haul being lower than box office expectations combined with that movie's mixed-to-negative reception). As a fan of Godzilla, I'm glad the MonsterVerse is staying true to the Big G's lore and respecting his character along with Kong, Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah, but if I were to critize anything about their movies, something's starting to become a growing cliche. 

    "What cliche is that, Wolverine?", you might ask. Well, whenever the monsters go at it, they usually fight in darkness and rain, such as Godzilla 2014 and KOTM. I don't know about you guys, but I can't be the only one who thinks it's better when monster movies give us more daylight fighting, like in Kong: Skull Island and most of Godzilla's classic fights. Don't get me wrong, the action is still there and it doesn't disappoint, but I feel that in order for such an anticipated moment like Godzilla and Kong fighting for the first time in 58 years to be well worth it, having them fight in daylight where we can see them more clearly would be the best idea.

    If they fought in daylight 58 years ago, why not have them fight in daylight again? Even Shin Godzilla  had a lot of convincing daytime destruction scenes, and it went on to receive accolades. So Godzilla vs. Kong has big opportunities when it releases next year. What do you guys think of this? Would you also like more daylight kaiju battles in the MonsterVerse's future? 

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    • Well, no need to speculate about delays, because March 2020 is staying as the release date!

      Anyways, you gotta be very delicate when doing daytime battles. Gotta avoid uncanny valley so that it doesn't appear unrealistic enough to draw your attention away from the spectacle of the CGI battle. It's why rain and darkness witth specific singular sources of illumination are used, in order to make the details of the CGI stand out and make them appear more realistic and blended with the live-action.

      If there are going to be daytime battles, they'll need to be expertly done so as to make sure it doesn't look look out of place.

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    • PerhapsTheOtherOne wrote:
      Well, no need to speculate about delays, because March 2020 is staying as the release date!

      Well, that's good to know. Sure Legendary and Warner Bros are doing the best they can with our 58-year-overdue rematch between God and King, and I'm sure it's gonna really pay off. Just thought I would share the idea of them fighting in daylight like they originally did in King Kong vs. Godzilla, cuz I just prefer monster fights that I can see more clearly when they happen in daylight.

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    • Again, you gotta be careful with daylight fights.

      You have to control the lighting very well in the scene so that it doesn't draw attention to the obvious CGI, which is why nighttime and rainy battles are more common; such settings allow you to more easily control the lighting so that the details of the CGI blend in more with the rest of the live-action scene.

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    • Hmm, you're right about that. Regardless of how Godzilla and Kong's fight is done, it won't be disappointing for sure.

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