• Hello, my name is Les, and I'm a bureaucrat at Wikizilla. We have spoken before. I'm not usually one to help this site, but for the greater good of the community, I ask that you look into the information rapidly being added regarding Abaddon, "Aqrabuamelu," and others. This is a whirlwind of false information, spun from set photos that were found showing X-rays of some of the unseen Titans from KOTM. There is absolutely 0 confirmation that the third MUTO from the movie is Abaddon, nor that the scorpion concept art is some new monster called Aqrabuamelu. I've cleaned up the Abaddon and MUTO pages to the best of my ability, but I do not have permissions to delete the Aqrabuamelu page. This is going to spread like wildfire, especially considering your site is automatically at the top of search results.

    If you would like to examine the images yourself, they can be found here: The image labeled Abbadon is nearly indecipherable, and certainly does nothing to confirm it's the new MUTO. The "scorpion" monster is labeled Methuselah, as they clearly had not sorted out the monsters' designs yet. A lot was changed in post-production, and these screens are barely visible in the movie anyway - they are not to be taken at face value. Where the name "Aqrabuamelu" comes from, I have no idea. That is completely made up.

    Thank you for your time,

    P.S., might want to delete the Sargon page, too.

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      Huh Germany is looking very Middle Eastern there... you seem to have missed that there is and has been an Outpost in Israel on MS even Post movie...

      And Methuselah was out with the trailers in Germany so obviously there’s no way it’s not on purpose... for example what is Kraken listed as Leviathan, A mystery Titan in Mexico using a male MUTO image/Behemoths name, and Scylla being called Baphomet... both Scylla and Methuselah showed up at the proper locations in the trailer... so they had to have been planned, Kraken was unknown until the book, which came out before this interview.

      For the record the interview was AFTER the movie hit. So kinda breaks that unplanned narrative...

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    • Except that this is the real world we're talking about, where movies can be heavily altered in post-production. The Titans' locations were clearly moved around, which is why these (barely even visible in the movie) monitor images aren't to be taken as gospel. The text and images are near-impossible to make out in the finished film, and the full res versions should not be treated as canon. They are mere background decorations. Just because Methuselah wasn't originally in Germany, it doesn't automatically confirm there's some mystery monster in Israel. Aqrabuamelu does not exist, and has never existed. Methuselah may have originally been a scorpion, but that doesn't mean there is still a scorpion monster - things can change, and knowing how to interpret canon is key.

      As for the set visit video, you do realize that videos don't have to be immediately posted after they are recorded, right? These news outlets were invited on set back in August of 2017, and they were evidently not allowed to release footage until after the movie had been completed and released. Dougherty and the studio had nearly two full years to make alterations; the first trailer didn't even come out until a year after the film had first wrapped.

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    • I'll be brutally honest in saying I don't really pay attention to this film's content or its extraneous sources of canon, so you'd have to be very specific in labeling problems. My knowledge mostly pertains to Aqra'mon's dubious existence, my original deletion of the article as such, and now my sequel deletion. About it. Went through some of it. Didn't have much time tonight to do so, though.

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    • Thank you. I just wanted to make sure this did not spread further as people were starting to take it as fact, even on our own site.

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    • Can you provide proof? Cause we have Methuselah concept art that never has him as a scorpion... in fact we have concept art of him right next to the scorpion Titan (and Kraken plus an unknown one). Heck we have cgi art renders of both of them that dropped the same day. So yeah, prove it because I can't find any evidence of what you claim anywhere on here, Wikizilla, Toho Kingdom, Reddit, or anywhere online so it sounds like BS.

      also MonarchSciences still has several outposts including one in Israel and Germany... the novel confirmed that there are top secret outposts like Behemoth in Brazil, and recently discovered ones like Kraken...

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    • Just nabbed this from the movie (timestamp: 19:03 ) but as part of... this weirdness there is a Titan indicator up in Canada, I marked Sylla, Tiamat, and Abaddon. 

      But the map shows names and there are 6 names shown in North/Central
      Map numb1
      America when we only see Rodan, Tiamat, Scylla, Abaddon, and Godzilla (Castle Bravo) in the movie in North America, I mean we have an Outpost 99... and 14... thats giving us a very specific trend of numbering especillly since besides Abaddon the America Titans number 53-58.

      I feel like its more in accord of what Dougherty said about there being not just Godzilla Easter Eggs and small hints at a much bigger world.. numbering the outposts in just a stone and now we have conflicting data that just keeps piling up... We have 5 unmarked or numbered outposts... weird mix and matched Titans (wrong names, wrong scans, and/or wrong locations)... and Monarch Sciences... 

      I don't think they fked up THAT hard with stuff, i mean its a professional company and I've never heard of professionals leaving in glaring mistakes "just because".

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    • What part of what I said was "BS"? You have not provided proof for anything you have asserted either, besides manic ramblings. There are high res images of the monitors which were present on-set in 2017. The monster you claim to be a scorpion is clearly labeled Methuselah, and there is absolutely nothing to suggest the existence of an 'Aqrabuamelu.' Nobody knows what Titan the scorpion concept art was intended to be, whether an existing creature or one scrapped entirely; I was merely conceding that it was possible Methuselah was once a scorpion, based on the X-ray photo.

      It's a bit hard to maintain perfect continuity across all external media for any movie, let alone one with as long and complex a production period as KOTM had. Again, all of this originates to literal years before the film hit theaters. The extra outposts will either be retconned/explained later, or they will forever be a mystery. But the lack of an explanation does not confirm any and all explanations; whatever fan theory connections you come up with do not magically become true. Wikizilla and Gojipedia intend to be factual websites and our pages will reflect that.

      Abaddon is not the third MUTO and Aqrabuamelu does not exist. Try to connect dots all you want, but your baseless speculations should not get anywhere near the pages themselves, else people will start to treat them as fact. I will not be responding further - I trust the staff can keep things under control.

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    • This is what I'm talking about when us at WZ responds to the speculations done by Gojipedia despite not having enough proof. One of the reasons why I can't trust this site much anymore.

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      And there in that same set of pictures is  a Hokmuto in Mexico named Behemoth.... Scylla is Baphomet... 

      so you gonna argue that Scylla is actually Baphomet? Is Behemoth a male MUTO? Oh and the great serpent a Leviathan is a giant octopus because Scotland is in the middle of the Indian Ocean! 

      Wow my eyes must be real bad to see a giant sloth attack Brazil when clearly it was a male MUTO attacking Mexico City! Also.... 

      We get little snippets in the Novel  hinting at Identites of a few Titans, Rodan as Thunderbird.... Mokele-Mbembe as the aspect of an Egyptian god... and will you look here! A reference to Aqrabuamelu (Scorpion-Men) right there.


      Its less speculative if we have evidence of something... I mean a reference to them, a picture of a misnamed Scorpion, and almost all the Titans are from The Epic of Gilgamesh? Even the Director has made clear the novel is canon so it's a valid source, and given every other snippet is on a Titan... unless they are hinting that Gilgamesh was a human Titan?

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    • Holy guacamole with horseradish and potato chips, this is some crazy stuff!

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    • A FANDOM user
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