• My Personal Worst is Godzilla's Revenge because There is Barely any Monster Fighting and when there is it's a Little Boy's Dream. ( If you are confused look up the plot)

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    • Mine is Godzilla's Revenge also. It only revolved around a little boys fantasy and barely had anything to do with Godzilla, he was just added to the film for money. And who does Godzilla get revenge on? The title is very misleading.

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    • Godzilla's revenge because IT HAD MINYA AND HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH GODZILLA!

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    • Godzilla's Revenge and the dance parts of Godzilla vs. Hedorah.

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    • Son of Godzilla

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    • Godzilla's Revenge, undoubtably.

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    • Godzilla's revenge.

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    • Godzilla all monsters attack

      (You know the one im reffering too the same as godzilla's revenge)

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    • My least favorite Godzilla film is All Monsters Attack (also known as Godzilla, Minilla, Gabara: All Monsters Attack and Godzilla's Revenge), all monster fights in the movie except for the ones with Gabara are made up of stock footage from Ebirah, Horror of the Deep and Son of Godzilla (both are bad Godzilla films, not horrible, though).

      Gabara, honestly, is by far the stupidest thing to be made in cinematic history.

      All Monsters Attack 4 - Gabara joins the Brawl

      Though, I do not like Minilla, him talking is just downright creepy.

      No offense, but... Godzilla's son is not suppose to talk.

      Despite being a Showa Godzilla film, the movie itself does not even take place in the Showa universe, it's all just a dream by Ichiro Miki, the movie's main protagonist, makes me feel like making this was just downright pointless, though I can understand why they made it, it's because Destroy All Monsters, originally planned to be the last Godzilla film, was so successful that Toho decided to make more, but really, this is best they could come up with? The best they could come up with to pick up on the Godzilla franchise after it ended? Inexcusable.

      The message of the movie is pretty simple, stand up to your bullies, the problem with this take is simply this "Okay kids, if you get kidnapped, fight your kidnappers, risking your death, and the cops won't do anything to help you.", worst piece of advice ever, worst lesson ever, there's nothing else I can say about the message other than it's horrible.

      In conclusion, All Monsters Attack is not only a horrible Godzilla film, it's a horrible film in general. To recap, Godzilla's fights are stock from the two Godzilla films I thought were bad, Minilla, though terrible, is just downright awful, Gabara is a horrible main antagonist, Ichiro is a horrible human protagonist, the moral of the story is horrible, the story in general is horrible, the movie is simply garbage and doesn't have a reason to exist, I would not recommend it to anyone who is interested in getting into Godzilla, there are other ones out there that I can recommend, this, along with Godzilla: Final Wars, are just not one of them, that's all I have to say.

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    • Ebirah, horror of the deep.

      Every other bad Godzilla film at least had something to enjoys: Son of Godzilla would've been a decent monster flick if Minilla wasn't in it; Godzilla's Revenge was so terrible that you can't help but have fun with it; Final Wars, while having probably the blandest human plot in the franchise, bad (for the time and budget) effects and not carring for the monsters, still had some good things about it.

      This film doesn't. The characters are annoying, the plot is nothing special, the effects aren't that great, Godzilla acts like King Kong (for obvious reasons, still a problem tho) and both Ebirah and Giant Condor are probably the most uninspired monsters that Godzilla ever fought.

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    • All Monsters Attack, released in 1969.

      It is the worst Godzilla film were made, it should be named Minya vs. Gabara (because Minya needed to fight Gabara by himself). Gabara is the horrible monster made in the Godzilla franchise. The plot of the film was very boring.

      -Meeston Falcon

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    • Godzilla vs. hedorah with all mosnters attack being a very close second. The reason I consider the former the worst is the direction it had. Godzilla is an environmentalist superhero (nothing wrong with the hero part, but the environmentalist part is the problem), worst music out of any film (Godzilla vs. megalon had jet jaguar's theme, which was awesome) and the whole film was completely out of focus.

      AMA was bad because of stock footage and the whole annoying kid's wild imagination, but Godzilla vs. hedorah had little to no stock footage and it was still bad. the only good things about it were hedorah's overall design and transformations and some of the visuals were good.

      other bad contenders were ebirah: horror of the deep, Godzilla vs. megalon (even though I do have nostalgia for it) and the anime trilogy. the 1998 movie is exempt because it is in name only.

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