• I didn't know you joined in 2009...

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    • I've been with the Wiki community for a good while, I first started with the Bionicle Wiki, hence the name Teridax, as a matter of fact it's because of me that the Sand Tarakava page exists on the Bionicle Wiki; the only reason why I haven't contributed to this wiki more, until recently, is because of until two or three years ago, I had only seen about six or eight Godzilla movies, but now I have seen at least half of the movies. I find it most ironic that I haven't seen the new 2014 movie, beings that the first Godzilla film I had ever seen was the 98' movie in 2002, or 2003; which is part of the reason why Geno is perhaps my most favorite Godzilla variation, and as to why the 98' is my favorite movie, they got me into the series. To be honest I haven't watched any Godzilla movies at all this year, I mostly have been watching Star Trek Voyager(finished voy about a week ago,) and Hogan's Heroes.

         P.S. Do you see a clock on the webpage in the upper right corner? I've started my own micronation a few weeks ago, and am in need of a clock for its website.
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    • Actually it's "GINO", but I guess "Geno" is a much better nickname than that horrible, horrible violation of the Zilla name change...

      Also, yes, I see that clock. And you started your own micronation?! How do you even do that? Well anyways, if your website isn't a wiki I don't think I can help you much.

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    • My website isn't a Wiki, I was hoping that clock had an HTML code I could barrow. Starting a micronation isn't hard, you mainly just have to have a Declaration of Independence, a form of government(Republic, Democratic, Monarchy, Dictatorship, etc.,) and most importantly a defined territory. My two biggest inspiration have been the Republic of Molossia, and an old BBC TV series called: "How to start your own country." My main reason for doing so was so I could change the spelling of some words and phrases, but I couldn't do that unless I made my own language, and my own language wouldn't be recognized unless a country actually spoke that language. As soon as I finish setting up the majority of the website, if I remember, I'll give you the link.

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