Jadegodzilla, please stop rapidly creating pages for random monsters, movies and characters. The changing of this site is not yet approved, plus all of your pages are blatantly plagiarized from other sites, mainly Wikipedia or other wikis. Do not ever copy-paste or plagiarize content from other websites to Wikizilla, it is lazy, unprofessional, and can get us into trouble. I've noticed you've also been plagiarizing content from here and adding it to other wikis like Villains Wiki. This is your last warning, if you plagiarize content or continue to make the kinds of incorrect edits I've had to warn you about ever since you joined, you will be blocked. And if you keep copying content from here to other wikis, I will notify an admin there. When creating pages, please try to come up with your own words and not steal other peoples'.

If the expansion of this site is approved, monsters like Konga and Reptilicus can be added, but if and when they are their pages cannot be plagiarized from other websites. Please read this message carefully and try to follow my suggestions. I don't like having to leave messages like this on your wall, but you don't ever seem to listen to my warnings.

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