Except that this is the real world we're talking about, where movies can be heavily altered in post-production. The Titans' locations were clearly moved around, which is why these (barely even visible in the movie) monitor images aren't to be taken as gospel. The text and images are near-impossible to make out in the finished film, and the full res versions should not be treated as canon. They are mere background decorations. Just because Methuselah wasn't originally in Germany, it doesn't automatically confirm there's some mystery monster in Israel. Aqrabuamelu does not exist, and has never existed. Methuselah may have originally been a scorpion, but that doesn't mean there is still a scorpion monster.

As for the set visit video, you do realize that videos don't have to be immediately posted after they are recorded, right? These news outlets were invited on set back in August of 2017, and they were evidently not allowed to release footage until after the movie had been completed and released. Dougherty and the studio had nearly two full years to make alterations; the first trailer didn't even come out until a year after the film had first wrapped.

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