What part of what I said was "BS"? You have not provided proof for anything you have asserted either, besides manic ramblings. There are high res images of the monitors which were present on-set in 2017. The monster you claim to be a scorpion is clearly labeled Methuselah, and there is absolutely nothing to suggest the existence of an 'Aqrabuamelu.' Nobody knows what Titan the scorpion concept art was intended to be, whether an existing creature or one scrapped entirely; I was merely conceding that it was possible Methuselah was once a scorpion, based on the X-ray photo.

It's a bit hard to maintain perfect continuity across all external media for any movie, let alone one with as long and complex a production period as KOTM had. Again, all of this originates to literal years before the film hit theaters. The extra outposts will either be retconned/explained later, or they will forever be a mystery. But the lack of an explanation does not confirm any and all explanations; whatever fan theory connections you come up with do not magically become true. Wikizilla and Gojipedia intend to be factual websites and our pages will reflect that.

Abaddon is not the third MUTO and Aqrabuamelu does not exist. Connect the dots all you want, but your baseless speculations should not get anywhere near the pages themselves, else people will start to treat it as fact. I will not be responding further.

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