Hello, my name is Les, and I'm a bureaucrat at Wikizilla. We have spoken before. I'm not usually one to help this site, but for the greater good of the community, I ask that you look into the information rapidly being added regarding Abaddon, "Aqrabuamelu," and others. This is a whirlwind of false information, spun from set photos that were found showing X-rays of some of the unseen Titans from KOTM. There is absolutely 0 confirmation that the third MUTO from the movie is Abaddon, nor that the scorpion concept art is some new monster called Aqrabuamelu. I've cleaned up the Abaddon and MUTO pages to the best of my ability, but I do not permissions to delete the Aqrabuamelu page. This is going to spread like wildfire, especially considering your site is automatically the top of search results.

If you would like to examine the images yourself, they can be found here: The image labeled Abbadon is nearly indecipherable, and certainly does nothing to confirm it's the new MUTO. The "scorpion" monster is labeled Methuselah, as they clearly had not sorted out the monsters' designs yet. A lot was changed in post-productions, and these screens are barely visible in the movie anyway - they are not to be taken at face value. Where the name "Aqrabuamelu" comes from, I have no idea. That is completely made up.

Thank you for your time, Les

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