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Once again her body cuts into him like a hundred teeth. Here, below, she is at her strongest. „ 

— Narrator (Godzilla Dominion)

Tiamat, also dubbed Titanus Tiamat, is a giant serpentine daikaiju created by Legendary Pictures that appears in Legendary's 2019 film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, as a name briefly seen on a monitor. She made her first full appearance in Godzilla Dominion.


"Tiamat" was a primordial water goddess with a dragon-like appearance in Mesopotamian mythologies, the symbol of the chaos of primordial creation. The name "Tiamat" is also applied to many modern monsters; for example, an evil, five-headed dragon goddess in Dungeons & Dragons.



Tiamat is a titanic serpentine creature, and is light blue in coloration while also having vibrant purple scales. These scales are serrated and knife-like. Her skull is draconic with yellow eyes and four barbels extending from it. Extending from near her head are two wing-like fins.


The roars of Tiamat are written as "xhhhhhsssss".


Tiamat is very territorial and will fight other Titans for dominance. However, she recognizes when the odds are against her, and when beaten by Godzilla after an intense battle, Tiamat was visibly frightened and submitted to the alpha Titan to save herself from being killed.


Ancient Times

Centuries ago, Tiamat fought and killed a Titanus Kong member when she ventured into his lair.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Tiamat was found in Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA, by Monarch, who built Outpost 53 around her. When Ghidorah calls all the Titans, Tiamat breaks free and begins to hunt with her new pack. When the ORCA calls all Titans to Boston, Tiamat does not arrive in time for the battle and does not see Godzilla become the new alpha of all Titans (except Kong).

Godzilla Dominion

20210416 102830.jpg

Battered and exhausted from his battle with Ghidorah as well as several other rebellious Titans, Godzilla returns to one of his old lairs to rest but immediately senses that something is different. The alpha Titan is suddenly ambushed by Tiamat, who sucks him into a whirlpool. Physically outmatched, Tiamat belches toxic vapor into Godzilla's face and disorients him. With Godzilla blinded and stunned, Tiamat drags him deeper underwater, constricting and slicing into him with her scales. Eventually, the two bring the battle into the lair itself, where Godzilla is able to overpower Tiamat and force her to submit. Defeated, Tiamat retreats back into the ocean, forfeiting the lair back into Godzilla's control.


Amphibious nature

Tiamat can survive both on land and in water.


According to Drew Edward Johnson, Tiamat can manipulate water, specifically maelstroms and waterspouts, to allow her to drag foes to her, even airborne ones.[1]

Razor-sharp scales

Tiamat's body is covered in razor-sharp scales that can cut deep gashes into the skin of other Titans, including Godzilla.

Strength and combat

Tiamat can use her jaws and tail as dangerous weapons in combat. She also uses her serpentine body to strangle her opponents like constrictor snakes.

Toxic vapor

Tiamat is able spew a cloud of toxic vapor from her mouth that is capable of blinding Godzilla momentarily.


Dry land

Though able to survive out of water, as an aquatic creature, Tiamat is at a severe disadvantage on land. When yanked out of the water by Godzilla, Tiamat was swiftly overpowered and forced to submit.


  • The outpost Tiamat was contained in, Monarch Outpost 53, is a possible reference to the 1953 Warner Bros. film The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms.
    • Tiamat's toxic vapor attack is similar to the toxic blood of Rhedosaurus.
  • Tiamat's design shares several similarities with Titanosaurus (seahorse-like head) and Manda (body resembles a legless Asian Dragon).
    • Tiamat's serpentine appearance and ability to create maelstroms are similar to that of Nessie from Godzilla: The Series.
    • Tiamat also shares many resemblances with the Elder Dragon, Amatsu, from the Monster Hunter games.

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