The Titans were a male and female pair of dragon-like plesiosaurs that were devised in the early stages of drafting the Terror of Mechagodzilla.


Created in the early stages of planning the Terror of Mechagodzilla, the Titans would have consisted of a male and female pair of dragon-like plesiosaurs. Having miraculously survived extinction, the peaceful Titans would have lived within the waters of the Pacific Ocean before being found and controlled by Dr. Mafune and the Black Hole Aliens in a plot to conquer the world. Later, during a battle with Godzilla, the Titans would fuse into a singular body known simply as "Titan", and together with Mechagodzilla, the entirety of Tokyo would be destroyed. Ultimately, however, both Titan and Mechagodzilla would be defeated by Godzilla.


  • Though mentioned in several publications, hardly any specifics of Titan I, Titan II, or Titan are known, outside of their ability to fuse and their passive temperaments.
  • While they would later be written out of what would become Terror of Mechagodzilla , their fused Titan form would inspire the concept of Titanosaurus.
  • No official images of the Titans or Titan Exist.
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