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To Protect a Small Life
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To Protect a Small Life (守れ! 小さな命,   Mamore! Chīsana Inochi?) is the fourteenth episode of Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd.


The episode begins in Crown's secret underground headquarters with Megumi Shion talking to Metal Master. The show then cuts to Gou Kazama and Takeo Shiroishi visiting a hospital where Shiroishi runs in to an old colleague from his days at Crown. They speak for a moment, but she quickly returns to her work. On the grounds, Shiroishi's youthful heart earns him the friendship of a young patient. Back inside, the doctor returns to her office, but finds it ransacked. she quickly panics and accesses her hidden safe where it is revealed that she keeps a vial of the Fallah virus. In an attempt to move the vial to a safe place, she is attacked by the Metalferd later revealed as Globe. Gou sees this and tries to help her, but Globe sends a group of Fangs to distract him. Gou quickly dispatches them and goes on to Globe. during the battle, the boy from the hospital grounds draws too close and is hit with debris from the fight. He is rushed in to the ER and Globe is warded off by Detective Yuji Nakano. Globe reports his failure to his superiors at Crown, and makes an unclear declaration about Guyferd. Back at the hospital, the doctor and a nurse discuss the boy's condition with Gou and Shiroishi, who then leaves the hospital in a hurry to get something that will increase the boy's chances of survival. He then travels with Detective Nakano to a sight where he can get the item with directions from Yuu and Rei Kujou. With great struggle, Shiroishi is able to secure the item and begin to make his way back to the hospital where Metal Master has just stolen the Fallah vial, but he is soptted and Gou goes after him. Inside, the doctor and Shiroishi are cornered and nearly executed by Globe, but he is stopped again by Detective Nakano. Outside, Gou transforms into Guyferd and the item is delivered to the doctors who are able to start surgery. Guyferd is eventually able to disarm Globe and win the fight. As the new day dawns, It is revealed that the surgery was successful and the boy lived.



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