Tokumitsu Yuhara is a protagonist in the 2002 Godzilla film, Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla. He helped to create the Kiryu cyborg.


Millennium Series

Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla

Shortly before his film debut, Tokumitsu's wife died, leaving him and their young daughter behind. His personal dream, likely inspired by his wife's death, is to save individuals, and even whole species from extinction by putting their muscles and nerves into robotic exoskeleton. This work attracts the attention of the Kiryu development team. Initially, Yuhara turns down the offer to work on Kiryu, as he feels his first duty is to raise his daughter, but takes the offer when he is allowed to take his daughter with him. He extracts cells from the original Godzilla's spine, allowing development of Kiryu to begin. throughout the film, it is heavily implied that he is attracted to Akane Yashiro. He and another scientist discover that Godzilla's roar is causing Kiryu to malfunction. He and the team then make the software repairs to Kiryu to counteract this. He is last seen in the film comforting his daughter as she fears for the lives of the Kaiju and Akane.

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