Torema (トレマ?) is an alien character created by Toho that first appeared in the 1997 Godzilla Island episode, Torema Appears.


Torema is a young, alien woman whose planet was destroyed by the Xilien Zaguresu. She fled to Earth and lived on Godzilla Island for some time, working alongside the G-Guard Commander and Lucas to help protect the monsters from Zaguresu's continued onslaughts.

She left Godzilla Island for a time after Zaguresu's defeat at the end of the Proto-Moguera Saga, although she returned to Godzilla Island to assist when Zarguresu attacked with the powerful Hyper Mecha-King Ghidorah while fellow Xilien Landes attacked with the stolen Gyotengo to try and take over Godzilla Island and later Earth. However, with help from the Commander and his daughter Misato, they were able to defeat both Xiliens before Torema said her goodbyes and left the island again.

Torema possesses the power of Telekinesis and Telepathy (which allows her to communicate with the monsters). She is skilled in using various weapons, such as guns and katanas, and is able to pilot various vehicles as well as the island's mechas. She also has her own spaceship called the Panatolute.

Image Gallery

  • Torema's first appearance
  • Torema and the General
  • Torema with Lucas
  • Torema Poisoned
  • Torema weilds her katanas
  • Torema uses a psychic attack
  • Torema watches Godzilla fight Gigan
  • Torema with Godzilla Junior
  • The Panatolute
  • Torema - Peace Sign
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