Triceratops (トリケラトプス,   Torikeratopusu?) is a genus of herbivorous ceratopsian dinosaurs from the late Cretaceous period.

A Triceratops was featured in the 1977 film The Last Dinosaur, while a herd of Triceratops appeared in Rebirth of Mothra III.


Showa era

The Last Dinosaur

A Triceratops in The Last Dinosaur

After stealing the Polar Borer, the Tyrannosaurus rex throws it into a bone field, continuing its attack on the Polar Borer it accidentally unearths the Triceratops, and the two engage in a vicious clash, the T. rex kills the Triceratops by head ramming its flank, then it rips its stomach open with its toe claws, and then biting its neck, which leaves a nasty gash across its neck. Ultimately the Triceratops dies.

Heisei era

Rebirth of Mothra III

A herd of Triceratops were observed being hunted by a Tyrannosaurus rex, but the predator was grabbed and thrown by Cretaceous King Ghidorah before it could catch any of them. After Rainbow Mothra throws Cretaceous King Ghidorah into a volcano, a Triceratops and a Tyrannosaurus observe the monster's severed tail as it burrows underground, which would regenerate back into King Ghidorah millions of years later.

The King Kong Show

The Electric Circle

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Kong: Skull Island



Rebirth of Mothra III

Kong: Skull Island


  • A herd of Triceratops were originally meant to be featured in the original King Kong, but the scene was never filmed.
  • In Kong: Skull Island, the skull of a Triceratops is seen, implying that dinosaurs survived until recent times on that island, but were killed off by the Skullcrawlers. Alternatively, there could still be dinosaurs living on the island, but none were seen in the film.

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Showa era

Heisei era



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