The Two-legged lizard is a giant lizard kaiju that makes a brief appearance in the 1933 film, King Kong.


After King Kong destroyed the log bridge and sent most of the Venture crew to their deaths in the chasm below, Jack Driscoll hid in a small crevice in the rock wall. Jack looked down and saw a giant two-legged lizard slowly scaling up a vine to his position. Jack quickly grabbed a dagger and cut the vine, sending the lizard plummeting into the chasm.



  • The Two-Legged Lizard was somewhat based on a Dimetrodon.
  • In the colorized version of the original film, the Two-Legged Lizard is green like the Brontosaurus and Cave Serpent.
  • The Two-Legged lizard didn't have a replacement in the 2005 remake.
  • The Two-Legged Lizard's design has inspired the Skullcrawler in the 2017 reboot film Kong: Skull Island.[1]

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