The USS Argo (shortened to Argo) is a futuristic aircraft and Monarch mobile HQ that appears in the 2019 MonsterVerse Godzilla film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters. It is named after the ancient ship in Greek legends that Jason and multiple other heroes sailed in their quest for the golden fleece.


The Argo is a flying wing aircraft similar to the B-2 Spirit. However, it is substantially larger, possibly being the largest plane to have ever flown. It has a sleek triangular shape and large jet engines mounted aft-ward.

The Argo has a large control room which is run by at least four pilots. Its cockpit serves as a bridge and operations center with full access to the Monarch communications and control network as well as US Military command.

The Argo is also equipped with a sickbay and large hangar carrying at least 3 Bell Boeing MV22B Osprey tilt rotors, stored with wings folded and suspended from the ceiling. These crafts are dropped though the bomb bay style hatch where they unfold and deploy into flight. The bay is large enough to allow the landing of said aircraft for recovery. The Argo is armed with missile launchers on the leading edge of its wings.


Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Monarch deploys the Argo when they trace Godzilla’s projection course to Outpost 32 in Antarctica. When Monster Zero is liberated from the ice, the Argo and several fighter jets aggravate the Titan with several missiles before he flies into the blizzard.

Later on, the Argo is used to lure the awakened Rodan from Isla de Mara to the approaching Monster Zero, and it is temporarily compromised by a lightning bolt during the ensuing chaos.

After Monster Zero, who is revealed to be an ancient alien called “Ghidorah”, commanded all the other Titans to attack humanity, the Argo is directed to drive him away from Washington DC. It eventually rendezvous with the Monarch team that journeyed to the Hollow Earth to revive Godzilla before joining the rejuvenated Titan and Mothra to fight Ghidorah and Rodan in Boston. When Ghidorah uses his gravity beams to annihilate almost every present aircraft and Godzilla’s radiation level is starting to overload, the Argo and the surviving pilots retreat from the city.

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