The USS Scorpion is a submarine that appeared in Godzilla: King of the Monsters.


The USS Scorpion is a submersible of unknown type. It has a large hangar on its underside capable of launching drones and single-man submersibles. Floodlights are installed on its hull, particularly its underside. It is capable of launching nuclear-armed torpedoes.


After the battle where the Oxygen Destroyer was launched during the battle in Mexico to kill Godzilla and Ghidorah, Mothra used her bio-luminescence to help Monarch locate Godzilla. Monarch then used the USS Scorpion with the crew of Commander Crane, Captain Bowman, Rick Stanton, Ilene Chen, Ishiro Serizawa, and Mark Russell to transport a warhead to revive Godzilla, with the US Military and G-Team heading to Washington DC to drive Ghidorah and Rodan away from the mainland. While the submarine was traveling, it was sucked down a vortex rapidly and crashed onto the ocean floor, which was later revealed to be a tunnel to the Hollow Earth. The submarine's crew discover an ancient underwater city before coming across the resting Godzilla. They were ready to revive Godzilla until Commander Crane reveals that the weapons system was damaged in the crash and that the warhead would have to be detonated manually. Serizawa then says that he will be the one to detonate the warhead and revive Godzilla. The USS Scorpion then escapes the explosion and returns to the surface.

Behind the scenes

The fictional Scorpion seen in King of the Monsters shares her name with an actual United States Navy nuclear submarine that famously disappeared in 1968; in that same year, three other nuclear submarines also disappeared: the Israeli INS Dakar, the French Minerve, and the Soviet submarine K-129. It is currently unknown what happened to these vessels. It was believed by some commenters[1] that the reference to a USS Scorpion in the end credits of King of the Monsters was to the real-life submarine, with the possible inference that its nuclear cargo was consumed by Godzilla or another Kaiju for sustenance or empowerment.


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