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Rival... „ 

— Godzilla (Godzilla: Dominion

The unidentified individual of the Titanus Kong superspecies was a gigantic prehistoric ape that once battled Godzilla before he was killed by Tiamat.



As member of the same species, this individual greatly resembled Kong, but with a few key differences; his skin was darker in color, as was his fur that contained some white sections especially around his wrists. Additionally, he was covered in numerous scars.


While little is revealed of this Titan's personality, he was shown to have no fear of Godzilla, even defeating him and driving him out of one of his own lairs in the Hollow Earth.


Godzilla Dominion

Centuries ago, this titanic ape fought, defeated, and drove Godzilla out from one of his Hollow Earth lairs, claiming it as his domain. Eventually, in his old age, he was killed when Tiamat fought him to take his lair.


Strength and combat

Not much is known about his strength, but he was able to fight, defeat, and then drive Godzilla out of his own lair, leading to Godzilla proclaiming him as his rival.


Lack of bodily armor

Like Kong, he did not have any type of dermal armor, making it easier to hurt him.

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