Ants. Big ones. [One calls out] There's one. Sounds like a bird but it's a fucking ant. „ 

Hank Marlow (Kong: Skull Island)

The unidentified ants are an insect species that are first mentioned in the 2017 MonsterVerse film, Kong: Skull Island.



Hank Marlow said that these ants are larger than normal ants.


The roars of these ants are shrill, sounding very bird-like in pitch.


These ants lurk in the canopies of trees. The ants often make bird-like sounds to cover their presence.


Kong: Skull Island

The unidentified ant species is heard but not seen within the events of the film, making its calls as Hank Marlow explains what it is.


Avian vocalization

The ants can mimic the sounds of birds, possibly to avoid suspicion of both prey and predators.

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Kong: Skull Island

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