Skull Island Deer are mammals that appear in the 2017 MonsterVerse film, Kong: Skull Island.



Skull Island Deer are brown in appearance, featuring white spots covering the top half of their bodies and white stripes found on their hind legs, male individuals also featuring antlers. They also heavily resemble many modern deer species, such as Sika Deer or Fallow Deer.


The Skull Island Deer are gentle herbivores that live in herds, and they are very alert to any nearby danger. They are often found grazing in heavily forested areas or the lowlands/grasslands of Skull Island.

They are likely prey items for the various carnivorous species of Skull Island due to their low defense capabilities. Likely becoming food for species such as the Mother Longlegs, Death Jackals or even the Iwi Tribe.


Kong: Skull Island

The deer are first seen evading the explosions caused by the seismic charges brought by the Monarch expedition team. Some are later briefly shown drinking at a river while Preston Packard's group was trying to rendezvous with the others.



These deer are agile enough to avoid explosions of seismic charges


The deer are shown to be smart enough to sense danger from seismic charges, and they might be smart enough to avoid the large predators living on the island.


Like most deer species, the deer of Skull Island are fast runners.



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