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Who am I?

Just some guy with a bad taste in movies.

Okay fine, I'll go into some detail if I absolutely must:

For starters, I am just a mere enigma of weirdness. I am out-going, and I can get a little carried away if I'm excited, which usually becomes apparent when it comes to something like kaiju collecting or watching B-Movies.

I am hugely into absolutely awful films and TV shows, and the website I spend the most time on is for obvious reasons. However, my liking for dreadful cinema mostly goes for monster movies. Particularly rubber monsters, such as tokusatsu like Godzilla or Ultraman or something like that.

But this interest isn't just me watching their respective films. No, not at all. When I find a show or movie that sounds appealing, especially the obscure ones, I research the living hell out of them. I go through almost every existing source to find all the info I can about them.

That's not all either. I also collect vinyl figures of the monsters. Why? Honestly, I have no clue, but I like doing it and it doesn't do anybody any harm so I do it anyways.

I am also a programmer, taking interest in multiple languages, however I am mostly using Lua to program an irrelevant mod for an irrelevant game.

Okay, I'm done talking about me. I'm not that interesting anyways. Feel free to message me in my talk page, but I may not respond quickly as I am often busy and I had to turn off Wiki E-Mails because they were getting out of hand. I am always happy to chat with the fellow forum members.

Other Accounts

Dailymotion - My Dailymotion account. I post fight scenes from obscure tokusatsu programs on there.

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