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Hi! I'm Ghidorahnumber1. I am probably the newest fan on the wiki, having only known of the Japanese Godzilla since 2013. I had known of Zilla before that but I wasn't really a fan. I've been an admin since April 1st, 2014 (yes I did think it was a prank at first).

Final Wars Kaiju Cover Pages I have to make:

Other things I need to do:

  • Format quite a few non-Godzilla film pages
  • Learn Japanese to be on the same level as other admins

Other things I'm interested in:

  • Ultraman
  • Kamen Rider
  • Super Sentai
  • Metal Heroes
  • Other random Toku heroes
  • Transformers
  • Star Wars
  • Music
  • Space
  • [Mainly 70s] Mecha
  • Storyline based Video Games
  • Batman
  • Marvel Movies
  • GTA

Favorite Monsters

Favorite Godzilla Monsters

In no order. Also lists favorite designs.

Favorite Mecha

Favorite Non-Godzilla Monsters

Favorite Vehicles

In order.

Favorite Movies

In no order.

Least Favorite Movies

In no order.

Favorite Soundtracks

In no order

Favorite Songs

Favorite Individual Tracks (Ifukube only)

  • Battle in Outer Space March
  • Maser March
  • Monster Zero March
  • Mysterians March
  • Atragon March
  • MechaGodzilla Sortie
  • Garuda Sortie
  • Rodan's theme
  • King Ghidorah's theme
  • Battra's theme
  • Destoroyah's theme
  • Super X3 sortie
  • King Kong vs. Godzilla
  • The various military marches

S.H. MonsterArts

Some that I own

Some that I plan to get


Watched Movies


Showa era

Heisei era

Millennium era

Legendary era


Showa Era

Heisei era


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