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Irys and Ayana

When you have a giant monster as your friend, anything's possible.

About me

Hey guys, KoopaGalaxain here! I first came across Godzilla when I watched TriStar's movie on the exploits of Zilla and its young. Interested, and wanting to learn more, I typed in the movie's title into the internet and well, the rest is history!

On this Wiki, I mostly work on the obscure things! Stuff like A Space Godzilla, The Luminous Fairies and Mothra, and the Daimajin film articles were all set into motion by myself, alongside LesStudios! You can thank us for cleaning up and making relevant the Go! Godman, Go! Greenman and Zone Fighter articles too!

My favourite Kaiju is Destoroyah, followed by Gigan and Godzilla '54.

My Favorite Godzilla Suits (in no particular order!)

My Favorite Godzilla Monsters (In Order!)

  • Destoroyah - My all-time favourite. He certainly looks awesome, and he's pretty deadly!.
  • Gigan - If I could have a Kaiju as a protector, Gigan would mean business.
  • ShodaiGoji - The original King of the Monsters is still the coolest!
  • Kiryu - An epic Kaiju with an epic backstory.
  • Mecha-King Ghidorah - The Time-travelled-cyborg-mutated three cute Dorats!
  • Megalon - I like insects. Insects are awesome. Megalon is awesome.
  • Hedorah - Am I one of the only people who likes this one?
  • MechaGodzilla (Heisei) - This MechaGodzilla is certainly durable, managing to take on both Godzilla and Rodan at the same time, and can still look elegant too!
  • MechaGodzilla (Showa) - The Original MechaGodzilla! I like how he literally has missiles everywhere!
  • Mothra - Although she can at times be remarkably weak, Mothra is the Kaiju which taught us that no matter how adorable something is, it can kick your backside in ten seconds flat.
  • Battra - the Kaiju who taught me that even moths can be badass.
  • Titanosaurus - Beats up your foes whilst his roar sounds like laughter.
  • Gabara - I actually like this guy. The only Kaiju who will literally laugh as he destroys you.
  • Zilla - Not bad, but by no means worthy. The worst blight on his name was that he was being referred to as 'Godzilla'.

My Favorite Godzilla Films (in no order!)

My Favourite Gamera Films

Kaiju Pokemon Cards!

Kaiju Captions!

Cool looking Bootlegs!

And now, The Gigan Dance.

The Gigan Dance
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