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Hello! My name is Lordofmonsterisland and I'm an administrator, which means I have a few special things I can do, such as block users and delete pages. I joined Wikizilla on May 20th, 2007. On June 22nd, 2007 I was granted administrator powers.

If you need any help whether it be Wikia coding (try to keep it simple), questions about certain information (especially Godzilla), how Wikizilla is run, or you just want to chill out then come on and talk to me on my talk page (that's what it's there for, use it for something).

Another point is my name. I know it is difficult to spell so feel free to abbreviate or mix & match however you feel. Just nothing offensive.

My Work

My specialty here is information. I have been a fan of Godzilla for as long as can remember, no make that longer. One of my first memories is watching King Kong vs. Godzilla. As such, I have accumulated an enormous storehouse of knowledge on Godzilla. And while the Godzilla movies are my forte, I also have my fair share of other areas of knowledge, including Gamera, King Kong, Zone Fighter, Ultraman and Godzilla: the Series (Gamera and Godzilla: the Series are my strongest points). I've gained much knowledge over my relatively short life and can fairly easily sort out the things you find in the kaiju continuity mess. I rule it as Godzilla rules the monsters, though I gladly accept new knowledge. And with my administrative powers, I can delete articles that are untrue and block users that do not repent of stupidity (yes, it's a sad, sad world we live in, where people cannot admit they acted stupid), so tell me if there's any trouble.

I also like to congratulate users that go beyond the normal call of duty to take on a task. When I notice such users I give them an award entitled The Lord of Monster Island's Favor that is only given by me. A list of users that were given awards by me can be found here.

About me

About my real self, I just entered high school and have know clue what I want to do when I grow up and get a jog, though being a movie director or video game director both seem enticing.

In the time when I'm not editing the wikia and surfing the net, I listen to music, read books, try to write books, and draw art. I am still working on my artwork, since at this moment it isn't much to look at (with a few exceptions). I am also trying to write a book, but it is still a fledging project. When I'm on the net, I enjoy checking out the various kaiju projects on Deviantart. They're really quite good and very interesting some times. I am also trying to write up a script for a Godzilla movie that includes most or all of the kaiju from the major Kaiju Universes, or at least referencing them all of them.

When I am editing the wikia's, I have much knowledge on Godzilla. While the basic Godzilla movie series is my forte, I also specialize in some of the other categories, such as King Kong, Gamera, Zone Fighter, Ultraman and Godzilla: the Series. Out of those, Godzilla: the Series is my best... though Nardek probably has me beaten in that category.

Ending Remarks

Remember: Wikizilla is here for you to have fun, whether by chatting or editing and adding to probably the greatest encyclopedia of Kaiju knowledge on the Internet. If you're not here to have fun or are here to vandalise, I'd suggest that you'd leave. On the other hand, if you're here to have fun, good luck, and remember that I, Lordofmonsterisland, am here to help you.

Quick Facts

Account Creation: May 20th, 2007
Role: Administrator
Interests: Godzilla, writing books, art
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Instrument: Guitar (don't play just listen)
Favorite Video Games: The Halo series
Favorite TV Shows: Lost
Favorite Books: anything Tolkien, anything Lewis, anything Star Wars, and anything Godzilla
Favorite Musicians: Steven Curtis Chapman, Superchick, Newsboys, Jeremy Camp, Casting Crowns, John Williams, Howard Shore and Akira Ifukube
Favorite Movies: Godzilla, the Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars
Movies I want to see: Cloverfield, Ghost Rider, Underdog, Transformers 2

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