All Godzilla films in my home:

Who am I?

Just a nobody, a F.5 student in Hong Kong, who is the only Godzilla fan in my school:Sun Fong Chung Collage, always dream of Godzilla standing in Tolo Harbour and shoot my school by it's Atomic Ray.

When I find Wikizilla, I was so surprise, I think find a paradise. Unfortunately, my English is not really well, but I will do my best to edit any new pages or correct the mistakes in Wikizilla.

What I am doing?

I am writing the Chinese Wikizilla, it is a hard work but I will do better than in English, that's because I am Chinese!

(Not much of Chinese are fans of Godzilla, some of the people think Godzilla is a lizard or dinosaur.)

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