Titanus Tiamat

aka Tiamat

  • I live in Stone Mountain, Georgia, or as the folks here call it "Outpost 53" or something.
  • My occupation is Searching for highly radioactive products (does that count?) and being a Titan.
  • I am a Female Titan.

Hey there! I am Titanus Tiamat, a Titan that is really good to be with if is around! I was enjoying my thousand-year slumber... Until some stupid big dragon woke me up... And even worse! I HAD A VERY GOOD DREAM ABOUT SOMETHING! WHICH SUCKS, IT ALWAYS INTERRUPTS AT THE BEST PARTS! HMPH!

...Uh.. where was I at? OH YEAH! While being on my rampage, that hydra brainwashed me to kill the people and hunt with my fellow friends, like Mokele, Quetzal, Baphomet and Amhuluk, and I didn't even want to do that! I was very happy, along with the other Titans, that big lizard we call "Godzilla" killed that thing so we can finally leave in peace... That is my history I guess?!?

Moral of story: Do not, EVER make me a 5 headed aquatic King Ghidorah.

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