There are some WEIRD Godzilla movie titles.  Either it's from terrible translation, the distributer not actually watching the movie, or just trying to ride the coat-tails of a much more popular movie.  The following titles are some of my favorites, (excluding "Gorgo and Superman meet in Tokyo" and the German Frankenstein releases, because those make everyone's list).

This list is in no particular order...

  • Mothra: The Flying Dracula Monster [Holland] (AKA: Ebirah: Horror of the Deep)
  • Ebirah: The Monster of Magic [Poland] (AKA: Ebirah: Horror of the Deep)
  • The Heirs of King Kong [Italy] (AKA: Destroy all Monsters) 
  • The Return of Gorgo [Italy] (AKA: All Monsters Attack)
  • Galien: the Monster of Galaxies Attacks the Earth [Spain] (AKA: Godzilla vs Gigan)
  • Godzilla vs The Robot [Italy] (AKA: Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla)
  • The Brood of the Devil [Germany] (AKA: Terror of MechaGodzilla)

List your favorites in the comments below.

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