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This is a FAN-MADE Storyline/Timeline of the events in King Kong, focusing on the 2005 reboot directed by Peter Jackson, & the 2017 film Kong: Skull Island. This will also tie-in with the rebooted Godzilla films. This is part of an ongoing Interactive-Adventure/ARG known as The Multiverse Emissary. For more information, visit the website here.

Personal Note:

I can remember so long ago, when I was a little boy, the first ever time I saw King Kong was the original 1933 film. The scene where Kong breaks loose at the theater when he's being showcased in front of everyone; the panicked crowd of thousands of people rushing out into the street where he then breaks the gigantic double doors frightened me. That was one of the scariest things I've seen since I was little.

Aside from personal experience, I'm not entirely familiar with King Kong or any other similar monster flicks like Kaiju's or Godzilla or etc. With all this talk of Kong vs. Godzilla coming later this year, I'm more than intrigued to find out what happens when these two finally collide. When that day comes, all hell will break loose.

With that out of the way, let's begin!

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Godzilla vs. Kong



25,000,000,000 B.C.: Triassic Extinction Event


During the Permian-Triassic period, the dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures roamed the Earth long before humanity rose up from the ashes. Around then, there were prehistoric creatures and species that ranked above the rest; the Titans.

Godzilla Titan (25 Million B.C.)

Titans were prehistoric species that were mystical and legendary despite their existence. One of these examples was Godzilla. Alongside the future king were others that would follow in it's footsteps.

When the meteorite hit Earth around the same time, the majority of the dinosaurs and other organisms went extinct, wiped out from the impending doom that fell upon the planet.

Triassic Extinction Event

The rest of the creatures took shelter beneath the Earth, managing to survive the event and lived on to the present day. This would later be debated among scientists in the future, but for now, Godzilla would hibernate as Mother Nature would take it's course; introducing more Titans and species of prehistoric creatures and mammalia that would be discovered by humanity throughout history.

MonsterVerse Beginnings (25 Mil B.C. - Present)


1850: Skull Island


As the Earth took it's course over time, Skull Island was formed after the numerous shifts of the tectonic plates. It was a small island that was inhabited by a small isolated tribe known as the Iwi.

The Iwi Tribe (1850 A.D.)

The only sign of human life on Skull Island, they were the first to discover the prehistoric creatures that had survived extinction; the dinosaurs, the unknown/undiscovered species, and to their amazement, Megaprimatus and Titanus species of ape.

Titanus (Left) & Megaprimatus (Right) (1850 A.D.)

The megaprimatus, the last of it's kind, was worshipped by the Iwi in favor over the Titanus. Since then, the tribe had established their borders and created an empire of their own; fending off the horde of creatures and other monsters that wished all of them harm. The two species of Kong were doing everything they could to defend their home and their people.

Skull Island (1933)

This continued until the present day where the island received unwanted guests...


1933: New York


In 1933, at the height of the Great Depression in New York, actress Ann Darrow was unfortunate enough to loose her job as a vaudeville actress. At the same time, Carl Denham; a troubled filmmaker discovers a map of Skull Island. Intrigued with his findings, he plans on making a movie on the island but his employers aren't entirely convinced with his idea.

Carl vs. his employers

At the last second, Carl and his assistant Preston steal the film to finish their movie. Carl was determined to make this film a success, unaware of the trouble he had gotten himself into. It's not until he meets Ann that he convinces her to sign on to the cast after learning about her case, filming with actor Bruce Baxter and her favorite screenplay writer, Jack Driscoll.

Carl & Ann discussing the film

After arrangements are set, he and Ann board the SS Venture to depart, giving her & Captain Englehorn's crew a cover story that they were heading to Singapore to shoot the film, when in reality they were heading for Skull Island. Englehorn is bribed into casting off before Carl is arrested by the police after an arrest warrant is filed for him by his former employers.

SS Venture casting off

Jack on the other hand wasn't as keen with the script for the film and planned on leaving the ship, giving Carl 15 pages to work with. Unsatisfied with his result, he stalls him on the ship until it's departure, where he's forced to join the voyage. After meeting Ann, the two begin to fall in love over the long voyage to Skull Island. During their trip, everyone worked on the film and eventually learned about Carl's plan involving Skull Island.

Voyage to Skull Island

After learning about Carl's intentions and the destination they're steering towards, Captain Englehorn begins to have second thoughts about the movie and Mr. Denham entirely. The island was said to be covered in fog with giant walls surrounding the shore, keeping onlookers out of the island, and keeping the horrors within inside.

Despite the crews efforts to warn Carl, he is unconvinced and resumes filming. It's not until the ship runs into fog and crashes ashore near the rocks surrounding the island, forcing them to land ashore and explore the island.

Skull Island

Arriving at the island, the crew are confronted by the Iwi. M'baka, one of the few children of the native tribe confronts Carl and his crew first, warning them to leave the island before they meet their doom.

M'baka confronting Carl

The confrontation leads to an assault on the crew, resulting in 2 casualties; Mike, the sound technician is speared and a sailor gets his head crushed. The commotion awakens Kong Megaprimatus, making the natives believing Ann to be a sacrifice to their king. The assault is cut off as Captain Englehorn saves the rest of the crew and retreat from the island, fixing the ship and managing to sail away only for Jack to discover the natives have kidnapped Ann.

Rotu carrying out the sacrifice

M'baka's mother; Rotu, carries out the sacrifice with the rest of the tribe before everyone gets ambushed by the crew, killing her in the process. M'baka is forced to flee with the rest of the tribe, either everyone being killed by the crew or the creatures on the island, or never to be heard from again.

Sacrifice on Skull Island

Carl only caught a glimpse of it that made him loose his moral compass. Forgetting everything about the movie beforehand, the was determined to find King Kong and film every inch of the island. Captain Englehorn gave everyone 24 hours to find Ann and escape the island before casting off, never to return again.

With Kong rampaging through the island, the Iwi on the run, and the crew venturing into the depths unknown, they would escape with their lives as they confronted the various creatures and monsters that inhabited within. Ann took a liking to Kong, as he wanted to protect her from the island and began to form a friendship. Together, they had multiple run-in's with the creatures on the island, escaping with their mere lives.

The Crew & Kong vs. Skull Island

Lives were lost, lines were crossed, and as Carl had finally reached his tipping point, Jack finally finds Ann, but Kong attacks in the process. With his camera destroyed, Carl forces the crew to capture Kong as a last resort for his fame and the situation he landed in as a result. What was he going to do now that he didn't have a movie? Surely his work wouldn't be for nothing.

Despite Ann's pleads and cries, begging them not to hurt him, Carl knocks out Kong with Chloroform, and bring him to New York later that year in Christmas.

Skull Island to NY

Through all the lives lost on the island, Carl's behavior and poor-decision making and leadership, and everyone else's concern for his state-of-being, no one would ever set foot near him ever again. As for M'baka, she remained on the island with the few inhabitants that remained. She knew their king was long gone now. But with the Titanus Kong's left on the island, there was still hope. A new era was about to dawn for the Iwi.

Kong's Shrine (1973)

As soon as the crew reached ashore, everyone went their separate ways. Jack went on to write a comedy about his new love and Ann continued her theater career as a dancer. Carl on the other hand brought Kong to broadway; completely forgetting about the people he put in danger, the intentions laid to waste, and threw away everything he had in the beginning. Preston could see right through him in those moments. He kept his distance since.

Kong on Broadway (1933)

Jack begins to worry about Carl's performance on broadway, thinking what would happen if Kong broke loose onto the streets. He leaves the performance and witnesses Kong live on broadway.

Live on stage

The performance is cut short when Kong gets agitated over the flashing of cameras from reporters wanting to get a scoop of Carl's King Kong. This, combined with it being treated like a puppet, the thought of Ann and wanting to be with her again, all taken away from him. Kidnapped from his home and tortured, humiliated. He had enough. With his every bit of strength, Kong breaks free and escapes; setting his eyes on Jack for revenge.

Kong vs Jack

On the island, Jack wanted to save Ann. Kong wanted to protect her. Both of them loved her, and seeing how he tried to take her away on their rescue mission months ago, he was ready to bring him down... Kong chases Jack all over New York, destroying everything in sight. It wasn't long until panic spread throughout the city, leaving Ann to wonder what was going on.

She left the theater only to find Kong in the middle of the deserted street, reuniting for the first time.

Reunite on Broadway

Having their last moments spent together, fighting against the military while trying to protect her, Kong gave his all with his final battle at the top of the Empire State Building, where he was gunned down by fighter jets as a last resort. Sharing their final moments one last time, Kong leaves Ann at the top of the building as he fell to his death. She was hysterical.

R.I.P. Megaprimatus Kong

Jack finds her shortly after, and the two embrace. Far above from the madness below, happy to be with one another at last. Returning to ground level, Kong's body was found and eventually hauled off back to it's resting place: Skull Island. As for Carl, he arrest warrant was reenacted shortly after, and was sentenced to life in prison for the destruction of the city and the major casualties as a result of Kong's rampage.

The aftermath

Captain Englehorn and his surviving crew would bring the body of Kong back to Skull Island after what happened. Only for them to be ambushed and killed off by M'baka and the Iwi for revenge on their matriarch and her mother. The ship was moved onto the island, where Kong's body would be burned and the shipwreck would serve as his temple.

In time, M'baka would start a family and resurrect the Iwi tribe of Skull Island, and would continue to serve the King until several years later where the last Titanus Kong would rise to the throne.

Continued in Part 2...