This blog shall be the trial blog for the eviction of Titanollante from crat rights. I don't need to inform you of why we are doing this, as it has become a major issue throughout this Wikia.

The rules:

1) You cannot just vote. After voting in the poll, you must post a comment to why you are on so-and-so's side, and it must be a legitimate reason.

2) No neutrals. You are either for or against. There is no in between.

3) You must be a regular member on this site, and have an account. This is to prevent either side from calling in aid from outside sources. Those who have become inactive and have just recently come back cannot vote. Mind you, this does not just include edits; you simply must be active in the community to vote here.

4) Remain civil in reasoning. Sending out death threats or saying your opponents have brain damage won't be doing any favors for anyone.

5) This blog post is for determining whether Titan remains a crat or not, and no more or less. This means that this does not mean that if he is voted against he is banned, or that if he is voted for, I am banned.

6) Evidence against either side can be posted in comments. They shall not be posted on this introduction.

7) Remain on topic. This is not about how so-and-so's side threatened to kill so-and-so, or how this entire conflict is stupid; it's to determine if Titanollante is worthy of his status.

With that being said, let us vote.

De resalts uv da vot

This shall stay up for a week, as to prevent an early conclusion in favor of either side. And once more, this blog shall not be deleted.

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