I'm making a movie. Like, an actual 12 minute long, animated, fully voice-acted short film with original music and a screenplay completely made only by me (but with music by GN1 and voice acting by my real life friends).

This started out as a small-scope school project I was supposed to finish by December 17, 2015, but as the screenplay grew and the length of the movie increased I had to put in work on my own time. I finished this teaser trailer (which is really just the opening scene of the movie) just in time for a film festival, and, well, it's just 1/12th of the movie! So I'm going to keep working on it.

The film, titled Mecha-Cobra, is a sort of revival of my old childhood monster of the same name, MECHA-COBRA. The LEGO-based mechanical reptile's name probably doesn't sound very familiar to you. However its successor, Servopent, probably does. Yea--Mecha-Cobra was the original Servopent; Servopent being directly a result of redesigning and updating Mecha-Cobra to better fit Colossal Kaiju Combat. In the movie, Mecha-Cobra--controlled by a Japanese-American girl who's one of the first robot engineers during 1940's era U.S.--fights a gigantic creature created as a direct result of the atomic bomb.

Well anyway, take a look at the trailer!

The Trailer

I'm sorry for taking time off from Wikizilla though. I mean, I had no choice since I had to finish something by Jan. 28 (I have put like 100 hours of work into this movie by now), but even now I'm not doing much in this site and am going on to keep working on this. Once I get finished with this movie and all my school stuff though, I'm going to power through every single thing I have and add tons of information and pages.

Projected release date: June 2016. If you're curious at all, ask a question! It'd be cool to have people actually expecting my movie's release.