Hey everyone. I was wondering if we could rename Wikizilla to Monsterpedia (maybe Kaijupedia if more people agree to that) and well, we need the community to decide democratically.

Before commenting

Read my reasoning below:
Over the years, our site has been heading into being a more general kaiju wiki rather than just a Godzilla-focused one with the inclusion of Gamera, King Kong, and Cloverfield content. These kaiju have all formed an important part of our website and have been around for a long time since their wikis are all dead--us being a sort of adoptive mother to them. In addition to these big kaiju, other kaiju stuff such as Gappa and a bit of Colossal Kaiju Combat are also present. In honor of this, I was wondering if we could rename Wikizilla. I'd say a huge chunk of edits on the site have been toward non-Godzilla stuff (I'd approximate nearing 40%) so I would think it would be a good idea to just flat out become more open and accepting. We already have everything over here and all the people and content here, so opening up a new wikia or adopting something like the Kaiju Wiki or the Monster Wiki wouldn't do us a lot of good since we were one of the first Wikias and have been around for nearly 11 years now.
The new name could also give this site the fresh new image which we need, since there are people around the internet that don't like us because of things within it from nearly a decade in the past. All the tokusatsu content that isn't kaiju-related would be eliminated and could go to its own site where it can be focused on too.

So, what are your thoughts? Agree or disagree? This will be decided by counting up comments which either agree or disagree. You should try to come up with a reason.

Support or Oppose

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