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  • Titanollante

    On a day like today, 61 years ago--November 3rd, 1954. Japanese people lined up to see the theatrical release of what would become one of the most influential films in not just tokusatsu, not just sci-fi, but in film history:

    Thus, the king of the monsters--GODZILLA--was born.

    Happy birthday Godzilla!

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  • Titanollante

    The Infobox Update!

    August 29, 2015 by Titanollante

    So, today every infobox template on the site has finished being updated--so now they look 100% symmetrical and beautiful on every browser [Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome...], on every resolution, every zoom %, and on Windows and Mac. They even look great on Monobook! The literal only place it doesn't look symmetrical is on the Mobile look of Wikia... so I'm sorry if you REALLY care about Mobile Wikia for some reason.


    Also, just to turn this blog into a not-waste-of-your-time, I added 5 new "types" (colors) for use in infoboxes. Here they are:






    RED! (Couldn't think of a name... "blood" sounds kind of inappropriate)

    I added these 5 types for more 'freedom' for colo…

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  • Titanollante

    Greetings everyone! I come to tell you that 2 previously COMPLETELY unheard-of Godzilla games (in the English-speaking internet) have been discovered by me from browsing a Japanese video game website. The two games are Fierce Dragon Godzilla: Metropolis Destruction!! - AND - Godzilla (PC-9801). Both games are extremely mysterious and very little info is available on them, so little in fact that these games are not mentioned ANYWHERE in the English-speaking internet. So they're pretty lucky to have even been found by me, I was just about to close the tab before I realized these were on the page. They may have been undiscovered for years or even decades if I hadn't.

    This one definitely is the more interesting one, though that may just be from i…

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  • Titanollante

    Thanks to the PS4's extremely helpful "Share" feature, I can upload Godzilla: The Game gameplay directly to Wikizilla's YouTube channel... (link here)

    This means... it's the return of Wikizilla's YouTube channel!! After a year or two of inactivity, it's back. And it'll stay that way for a while, until I run out of things from GODZILLA THE GAME to record. After that I may start making some other kinds of videos, or not at all. I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, need to learn Japanese. Like, not even. I need to learn Japanese words and kanji, to stop being lazy. }}

    Well anyways, this is me signing off!

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  • Titanollante

    1,954 pages

    May 31, 2015 by Titanollante

    Wikizilla now has 1954 pages!
    Conglaturation everyone!

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