The Varan (バラン,   Baran?) of the AniGoji continuity was a species of giant monsters that first appeared in the prequel novel, Godzilla: Monster Apocalypse.


Varan, Baragon, and Anguirus (or possibly referring to many other monsters) are described to be sharp and cautious not to attack cities with fortified defense structures recklessly.


Godzilla: Monster Apocalypse

Several members of the Varan species had been confirmed to exist. The first individual was likely to be defeated by either the United States or its allies somewhere prior to 2030.

In the late 2030s, anti submarine sonar detected a group of monsters in the Pacific Ocean including Varan (II), along with the second known individual of Baragon (II) and Anguirus (IV), all heading to Los Angeles in the evening.

Later, the three emerged on the coast of Los Angeles, but all of them, with visible wounds, were in the process of escaping something in a fearful manner, rather than targeting the city.

At that time, the US army situated strong anti-kaiju defense lines in Los Angeles, but a charged particle beam Godzilla shot at Varan prior to this produced a powerful EMP, destroying all of the area's weaponry and city functions.

Due to its flight ability, Varan was the first of the three for humanity's forces to focus fire on, and more than two hundred armor-piecing howitzer cannons were shot at Varan, causing the monster to flinch. Nevertheless, the three monsters neither recoiled nor retreated and tried to land on the shore.

Suddenly, a destructive beam was shot from the sea and tore right through Varan as it moved to fly, resulting in the monster's death. This was the first official confirmed sighting of Godzilla, and it followed the two remaining kaiju. Not only targeting humanity, but also including other monsters in his sight lines, Godzilla was driven to destroy and hunt down all, including the three who lost their wills to fight.


Varans had limited flight capabilities with their flying membranes.

Humanity had hypothesized that flying monsters possibly possessed abilities to control gravity due to the physical impossibility to achieve flight with their mass and weight.

It was noted that Varan was one of easier monsters to deal with as the species didn't host any pathogenic bacteria.


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